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Multi-Site Support

We work with a full range of customers, from large retail chains to businesses with localized field offices. Regardless of your customer’s size or number of locations, our multi-site support solutions can help.

Moreover, you have the distinct advantage of offering a single network provider to each of your customer’s locations. This makes it simpler for them once they are up and running and it eliminates the headache of dealing with multiple regionalized carriers.

Our network is a definite advantage. We are nationwide, privately owned, using next generation soft switches and hardware. Leveraging this, we can provide point of presence (POP) service to each of your locations and, leveraging the powerful features of IP PBX, can easily enable features like inter-office call transfer, calls by extension, and unified communications.

From a interconnectivity perspective, we can integrate with legacy TDM (Analog, T1 CAS, PRI and SS7 to cutting edge IP (SIP, H323 & G.711, G.729). In fact, our network can run native SIP with dynamic bandwidth allocation and Voice Paths on Demand, which optimizes your use of voice and data systems. This not only saves you money, but significantly augments your capabilities with respect to call volume, inter-office features, find me follow me, and much more.

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"GolfTEC is excited to be working with Excel. We know that Excel understands our needs for our stores, and with expansion of 40-50 stores a year, we need a carrier that is willing to work with us. Their understanding of SIP trunking is excellent, and has become something that we can depend on with a foot print that is coast to coast, which is really helps us with our expansion. Thank you for becoming an integral part of what we are accomplishing."

Chad Covak, Director of Project Management