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Call Centers

Excel offers several advantages for call centers and other businesses doing a large volume of domestic LD.

Our network is a definite advantage. We are nationwide, privately owned, feature group D network, using next generation soft switches and hardware, that can run native SIP, and offer Prioritized Voice, dynamic bandwidth allocation, all of which optimizes your use of voice and data systems.

Because we can integrate with legacy TDM and IP PBX, and can integrate with several protocols, we can adapt to your customer’s requirements. This flexibility allows us to transition an entire organization at once, or parts at a time, reducing risk as needed with the critical path systems that call centers depend on.

We provide the point of presence (POP) and you or your customer can configure to suit. We can originate your calls and run long haul traffic over our network, providing your customer with great LD rates.

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"With Excel's expertise we were able to successfully interconnect our IP Softswitch natively via SIP saving us expensive TDM gateway ports. Excel's native VoIP services our users with over a million calls per month with high quality toll free origination, long distance termination and International."

Larry Vo, President
Omely Corporation