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We work with a full range of businesses, from large retail chains to localized businesses. Each business has a unique set of needs, and Excel is ideally positioned to deliver what is right for your business.

Our network is a definite advantage. We are a nationwide, privately owned, facilities based network using next generation soft switches and hardware. This means that we can deliver the reliable quality you are used to, along with all the cutting edge features that move business forward. For example, we can easily enable features like inter-office call transfer, calls by extension, and unified communications, just to name a few. We can integrate with legacy TDM and the latest IP PBX. So when we say we give you options, we mean it!

Looking for hardware? We’ve given you options there too. We have certified interoperability with several IP PBX manufacturers, with more certifications pending, and have been in production environments with most systems in the marketplace.

Our products are structured and priced specifically for you. We can originate your calls and run long haul traffic over our network, providing you with great Local, LD and Toll Free rates. Our dynamic bandwidth allocation feature optimizes your use of voice and data systems, giving you maximum call volume and powerful data bandwidth at a great price.

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