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A Partnered Marketing Presence

Landing Pages & Online Promotion

We can quickly create a co-branded landing page for Excel.com/yourcompany, which will promote you as our partner. On this page we can include:

As the depth of our partnership grows, we can develop the number of pages, content, multimedia components, and more, to essentially reflect a media rich co-branded “mini-site” that promotes our partnership.

To drive traffic to this page we can run search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns in the regions / locations of your target market. We can also include links to the page in the co-branded marketing collateral, and encourage you to place links from your website and in your own marketing collateral.

In some cases we can even leverage our affiliate program to promote special offers that will also drive prospects to our co-branded landing page.

Lead Generation

Excel does do some direct marketing in places such as industry trade journals, online media, and our website. But since we are not a direct sales organization, we refer all of the leads generated to our partners.