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Sales Support

Our Team

You can rely on Excel’s highly qualified team of experts to go further, and support your efforts.


We would love the opportunity to help make your sales events bigger and better. For example, we could have our bus on site, cater lunch, and have Excel representatives on hand to answer questions about our network and services.


We will deliver co-branded collateral to aid your sales efforts. These marketing pieces can deliver information about the programs, interoperability certifications for the hardware you recommend, press releases, and technical information about the Excel network and services.

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Lead Generation

In addition to the landing pages & online promotion described above, Excel sends prospects to our partners from other sources including our primary website and industry advertising.

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Landing Pages & Online Promotion

Excel can run search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns that promote your business and services online, and in some cases can leverage our affiliate marketing program in a similar way. Web traffic from these programs would be directed to Excel.com/yourcompany, and on that page prospects could fill out a contact form which would direct their information to you.

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