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Commercial Escalation Matrix

To report repair issues, please call the Network Trouble Resolution Center at 800-308-4653. You will be given a Trouble Ticket # for your reference.

Network Trouble Resolution Contact Numbers

Support Line800-308-4653
International Customers214-269-4189

Hours of Operation


Service Level Agreements
PriorityPriority DefinitionMTTAMTTRUpdates
Priority 1Out of Service1 Hour4 HoursHourly
Priority 2Partial/Intermittent Service Interruptions1 Hour8 Hours2 Hour intervals
Priority 3Quality1 Hour8 Hours8 Hours
Priority 4Non-Service Affecting1 Hour24 Hours24 Hours

Credit Claim Procedures

I. Trouble Reporting

All credit claims must have a corresponding trouble ticket. To be eligible for credits under this SLA, Customer must report any Outage or latency corresponding to the service levels offered in this SLA by opening a trouble ticket within two (2) business days of its occurrence. On receipt of a report or query from Customer, Excel’s Major Accounts Center will log the call and pursue resolution of Customer’s inquiry. In the trouble report to Excel’s Major Accounts Center, Customer shall supply all diagnostic information then available, including but not necessarily limited to:

II. Service Credit Request

To make a claim for credit under this SLA, Customer must complete and submit a Credit Claim Form to the Excel Major Accounts Center within fifteen (15) business days after the last day of the month from which the Customer could reasonably be expected to become aware of such claim. Excel shall notify Customer via telephone or email upon resolution of the request.