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We’ve spent time with businesses like your customers learning how we can deliver services that meet their needs. We’ve also sat down with our partners to understand what makes these products easy to sell, critical features to include, and how we can deliver the best integration services and support.

All of our products leverage Excel’s high quality nationwide network, with reliability backed by our expert staff.


Ideal for your medium business customers who are purchasing or upgrading to an IP PBX solution with unified communications. SIP PBX unleashes the full potential of unified communications with Voice Paths on Demand, which delivers voice & data with dynamic bandwidth allocation, and powerful unified communication enabling capabilities.

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Ideal for your call center and business customers who are looking to manage their own connectivity configurations and leverage rates designed to support increased volume.

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Ideal for your large call center and businesses with large volume commitments, who need a wholesale rate for their voice and data traffic. We can easily support services and protocols as needed, and can work out pricing to meet the appropriate volume of required traffic.

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Tailored to meet the needs of your smaller sized business customers, SIP SMB delivers powerful service for a reasonable price.

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