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Excel’s customizable SIP Trunking solution

Designed for maximum flexibility where the services are unbundled. With Excel’s Basic solution, customers can choose the required services including Public IP, Private IP, DIA, Loops, IAD’s and Phone Numbers.

Excel SIP Trunking Basic is engineered to streamline your business, while preserving maximum flexibility by integrating services like high-speed internet access, local, long distance, and toll-free services on one bill.

SIP LD delivers more options for customers who have high volume requirements. The pricing allows customers to buy in to rates for a lower monthly base. Because the cost of loop is passed directly through to the customer rather than being factored into the base. For larger, customers who want to configure the connection themselves, this is an ideal setup.

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BundleSIP monthly BaseLocal Outbound & InboundLD& Toll Free U.S. 48 StatesInt'l & Ext. Domestic PlanDIDsTFsVoice ChannelsAccess
SIP LD1$180$0.0099$0.0239Standard01VirtualT1 Port
SIP LD2$330$0.0099$0.0199Standard01VirtualT1 Port
SIP LD3$630$0.0099$0.0169Standard01VirtualT1 Port
SIP LD4$930$0.0099$0.0149Standard01VirtualT1 Port
SIP LD5$1,230$0.0099$0.0139Standard01VirtualT1 Port