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TDM & Full VoIP

If you’re running an on site PBX, we have solutions for both Legacy and IP systems. We have years of experience in both areas, and are experts in the set up, configuration, and operations of these systems.

Full VoIP

IP Trunking “Native” provides IP PBX customers with a business grade VoIP alternative versus installing costly TDM gateways and PRI’s. EXCEL supports industry standards including SIP or H.323 and Codec G.711 and G.729.

Legacy TDM

IP Trunking “Legacy” provides a simple solution for converting legacy PBX lines into VoIP with an IAD (Integrated Access Device). The IAD will prioritize all voice calls over data and includes a built-in router to access the network. The standard IAD will support PRI, T1 CAS or POT(s) lines.

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