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We're There - Nationwide!

Excel Telecommunications operates one of the few private nationwide IP networks that can interface with SS7, ISDN, DTMF and IP protocols. Our state of the art network design incorporates various next-generation soft-switches and application servers/devices that utilize both SIP protocols and legacy TDM-based switches. Further, Excel’s network allows current TDM-based companies to access the enhanced capabilities and products of our IP-based network while still maintaining their legacy architecture.

Solid Network

The largest implementation of an IP-based network connected to a near ubiquitous Feature Group D (FGD) network in the United States; thus enabling Excel to originate and terminate traffic virtually anywhere in the country.

One central soft-switch platform with built-in redundancy, enabling a single control point for Excel to route and manage all sites.

Facilities in 10 key metropolitan markets

Los AngelesNew YorkOrlandoPittsburghSeattle

Excel’s interconnection agreements with over 1,000 carriers ensure the best rates for their customers and we are a certified IXC connected to nearly every tandem in every LATA.

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