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What Agents are Saying

"On behalf of our staff here at Great Lakes Telco I would like to extend to you our gratitude for over a year of ongoing agent support. Your portfolio of SIP Trunking products and cost effective Excel VoIP bundles has proven to be a great fit for many of our SMB, as well as enterprise level customers. With several agents and subagents in our organization, we have the luxury of choosing which vendors to do business with based on our experiences with each. Excel Telecommunications has been exceptional in providing ongoing support for both agents and customers.

Thanks again for working with us and our customers with such dedication and professionalism. We look forward to working with you for years to come!"

Richard Schmitt
Senior Partner

Great Lakes Telco, LLC

What Systems Integrators are Saying

"Most of the standard carriers do not understand SIP, and try to stick in the SIP in the PSTN world. Excel is one of the few carriers that has built their network around SIP, understands it, and hosts true SIP from a core switch, not via a hosted centralized Platform. We focus on Excel as they get it, and don't have to reinvent the wheel."

Thomas M. Shinners

iTIP Communications

"Excel allows us to easily and economically expand our 'Call Voyager' service to small and medium businesses across the nation."

Bob Williams

World Class Software

""We have just completed another successful installation today and I want to thank you for once again executing a flawless installation for our customer. In my 11 years experience offering Telecommunication & Data networks I have never experienced better customer service and follow through. While price and service offerings are important (and you do very well in both these categories) your team has consistently executed on what I believe is the most important part of the Carrier Services business, communication. We don't always have the perfect answers for our customers but your commitment to keep all parties in the loop from start to finish on every part of an order has created satisfied and happy customers who feel the difference that our company looks to provide them. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to getting every order right"

Devon Every
Director of Carrier Services

Zumasys, Inc


What Customers are Saying

"We started service in December 2006 with Excel's SIP Trunking Service natively communicating SIP to our Astersik Server. Excel has provided us many strategic benefits that go well beyond just making reliable calls. We are taking advantage of Excel's virtual voice paths to handle many simultaneous calls as well as virtual numbers so we can provide our services in other markets. Excel even provided some configuration support through their Technology Certification Partner's program on my Asterisk PBX."

John Crouch
Chief Information Officer

Encore Payment Systems

"With Excel's expertise we were able to successfully interconnect our IP Softswitch natively via SIP saving us expensive TDM gateway ports. Excel's native VoIP services our users with over a million calls per month with high quality toll free origination, long distance termination and International."

Larry Vo

Omely Corporation

"Kirby-Smith chose Excel for its IP Trunking solution covering our corporate office in Oklahoma City and regional offices in St Louis, Tulsa and Fort Worth. Excel not only provided a solution for meeting our data and voice needs in one bundle but offered us better bandwidth utilization by hosting our corporate firewall. Excel's Value Bundle with dynamic voice paths is an excellent fit with our recently deployed Shoretel IP PBX."

William R. Graham
Manager of IT

Kirby-Smith Machinery, INC

"I would like to thank you and the Excel Team for the excellent service in regards to turning up all of our services. When Lobar, Inc lost our carrier it was very seamless conversion and with the help of your excellent support staff was accomplished within several days. Again thank you for all your help and support."

David A Myers
Director of Corporate Development

Lobar Inc.

"GolfTEC is excited to be working with Excel. We know that Excel understands our needs for our stores, and with expansion of 40-50 stores a year, we need a carrier that is willing to work with us. Their understanding of SIP trunking is excellent, and has become something that we can depend on with a foot print that is coast to coast, which is really helps us with our expansion. Thank you for becoming an integral part of what we are accomplishing."

Chad Covak
Director of Project Management