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Virtual Voice Paths

Engineered for medium sized businesses and call centers, this unique combination provides flexible channel paths enabling customers with an IP PBX to utilize enhanced features such as unified communications. Excel utilizes voice compression along with dynamic bandwidth allocation for faster data transmission, or twice the number of simultaneous calls, without compromising quality.

ITSP with 5 Fixed Lines

Illustrates traditional ITSP provisioning 5 fixed voice paths for sending and receiving calls. The above example is representative of a busy hour where 4 lines are in use and hopefully one line is open to prevent busy calls for inbound or outbound calls. To increase the number of calls and prevent blocking, more lines would be purchased usually incurring a $30 or more charge per line.

ITSP Providing Virtual Trunks

Here the ITSP is providing virtual voice channels that only exist when calls occur. The red shading illustrates a simultaneous ring application, where an inbound call comes into the IP PBX to ring the office line and the PBX makes two additional outbound calls to find the called person. Virtual Channels allow the business to take advantage of newer IP PBX features including Unified Communications.