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Excel Analytics

Excel Analytics allows you to track the return on your investment for all of your marketing, sales, and promotional efforts from an easy to use web dashboard. Seen them before? Not like this one! Excel Analytics shows you data for customer traffic online AND in the real world. You have to see it to believe it!

Customer Tracking

Using a combination of Web and phone tracking systems we are able to tell you where your customers are coming from.  You will be able to see approximate locations, customer density, and customer proximity.

Campaign Tracking

You will know which campaigns drive business to you.  Reports show number of customers per campaign, campaign type, and campaign area.  Armed with this information you will be able to build up successful campaigns and cut the ones that aren’t working.

Tracking Specifics

You can even dig into more details with analysis for things like search engines, key words, online vs. real world, and more. This allows you to refine your campaigns based on performance and see the improvements.